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A Synthetic Cell-Penetrating Heparin-Binding Peptide Derived from BMP4 with Anti-Inflammatory and Chondrogenic Functions for the Treatment of Arthritis.

一种合成的细胞穿透肝素结合肽,来源于 BMP4,具有抗炎和成软骨功能,用于治疗关节炎。

  • 影响因子:0.0000
  • DOI:10.3390/ijms21124251
  • 作者列表:"Choi DH","Lee D","Jo BS","Park KS","Lee KE","Choi JK","Park YJ","Lee JY","Park YS
  • 发表时间:2020-06-15

:We report dual therapeutic effects of a synthetic heparin-binding peptide (HBP) corresponding to residues 15-24 of the heparin binding site in BMP4 in a collagen-induced rheumatic arthritis model (CIA) for the first time. The cell penetrating capacity of HBP led to improved cartilage recovery and anti-inflammatory effects via down-regulation of the iNOS-IFNγ-IL6 signaling pathway in inflamed RAW264.7 cells. Both arthritis and paw swelling scores were significantly improved following HBP injection into CIA model mice. Anti-rheumatic effects were accelerated upon combined treatment with Enbrel® and HBP. Serum IFNγ and IL6 concentrations were markedly reduced following intraperitoneal HBP injection in CIA mice. The anti-rheumatic effects of HBP in mice were similar to those of Enbrel®. Furthermore, the combination of Enbrel® and HBP induced similar anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory effects as Enbrel®. We further investigated the effect of HBP on damaged chondrocytes in CIA mice. Regenerative capacity of HBP was confirmed based on increased expression of chondrocyte biomarker genes, including aggrecan, collagen type II and TNFα, in adult human knee chondrocytes. These findings collectively support the utility of our cell-permeable bifunctional HBP with anti-inflammatory and chondrogenic properties as a potential source of therapeutic agents for degenerative inflammatory diseases.


: 我们报道了在胶原诱导的风湿性关节炎模型 (CIA) 中,与 BMP4 中肝素结合位点残基 15-24 相对应的合成肝素结合肽 (HBP) 的双重治疗作用第一次.HBP 的细胞穿透能力通过下调炎症 RAW264.7 细胞中的 inos-ifn γ-il6 信号通路,改善软骨恢复和抗炎作用。CIA 模型小鼠注射 HBP 后,关节炎和爪肿胀评分均显著改善。Enbrel 联合治疗可加速抗风湿作用®和 HBP。CIA 小鼠腹腔注射 HBP 后,血清 ifn γ 和 IL6 浓度明显降低。HBP 在小鼠中的抗风湿作用与 Enbrel 相似®。此外,Enbrel 的组合®和 HBP 诱导的抗风湿和抗炎作用与 Enbrel 相似®。我们进一步研究了 HBP 对 CIA 小鼠受损软骨细胞的影响。HBP 的再生能力是基于成人膝关节软骨细胞中软骨细胞生物标志物基因 (包括 aggrecan 、 ⅱ 型胶原和 tnf α) 表达增加而证实的。这些发现共同支持我们的具有抗炎和软骨形成特性的细胞渗透性双功能 HBP 作为退行性炎症性疾病治疗药物的潜在来源的效用。



作者列表:["Gomes da Silva IIF","Lima CAD","Monteiro MLA","Barboza DASP","Rushansky E","Mariano MHQA","Sandrin-Garcia P","de Souza PRE","Maia MMD"]

METHODS:Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease which can lead to progressive and functional disability. Literature data suggest that some inflammatory proteins are dysregulated in RA patients and its genetic polymorphisms may contribute to the aetiology and pathogenesis of disease in different ethnic groups. Polymorphisms in and genes were studied in different populations with RA, but the analysis indicated contradictory results. Thereby, we hypothesised that polymorphisms in these genes could have a combined effect on susceptibility to and severity of disease. We evaluated the +3953 C/T (rs1143634), -137 G/C (rs187238), -94 ins/del ATTG (rs28362491) and +874 T/A (rs2430561) polymorphisms in the northeastern Brazilian population. Peripheral blood samples were collected and DNA extraction was conducted. The polymorphisms were evaluated by RFLP and ARMS-PCR. An association was observed in rs1143634 which showed a protective effect against development of RA in carriers of the T allele (OR = 0.58; 95% CI 0.36-0.92;  = .020). In addition, we found an association among genotypes of the rs1143634 with the HAQ index ( = .021) and rs2430561 with DAS28 ( = .029) and CDAI ( = .029). In relation to combined effects of these SNPs (C/C to rs1143634, G/G to rs187238, I/I to rs28362491 and AA to rs2430561) we found a significant association with decreased functional disability (HAQ index  < .001) and ESR ( = .034), indicating a lower disease activity in carriers of these genotypes. GLM analysis confirmed these associations (HAQ ( = 5.497;  < .001) and ESR ( = 2.727;  = .032)). Our analysis indicated that in the studied population +3953 C/T (rs1143634), -137 G/C (rs187238), -94 ins/del ATTG (rs28362491) and +874 T/A (rs2430561) polymorphisms can together contribute to RA severity although they do not individually influence the disease.

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作者列表:["Fattah SA","Abdel Fattah MA","Mesbah NM","Saleh SM","Abo-Elmatty DM","Mehanna ET"]

METHODS:ZNF804a and CDK1 genes code for proteins involved in inflammatory pathways. This study aimed to investigate the correlation of ZNF804a and CDK1 expression profiles in RA with the activity and the severity of the disease and to assess their association with inflammatory reactions in the Egyptian RA patients. ZNF804a and CDK1 expression profiles were assessed using quantitative PCR (qRT-PCR). Clinical and laboratory parameters were evaluated. ZNF804a expression was down-regulated by 0.177-fold while CDK1 expression was up-regulated to 3.29-fold in RA patients compared with healthy controls ( < .001). ZNF804a down-regulation was negatively correlated with CRP, RF, disease activity score of 28 joints (DAS) using CRP (DAS-CRP) and TNF-α. CDK1 overexpression was correlated with IFN-1 and ACPA in RA patients. ZNF804a and CDK1 genes are implicated in RA pathogenesis due to their influences on TNF-α and IFN-1 which contribute to inflammation in RA patients.

翻译标题与摘要 下载文献
作者列表:["Emery P","Horton S","Dumitru RB","Naraghi K","van der Heijde D","Wakefield RJ","Hensor EMA","Buch MH"]

METHODS:OBJECTIVES:We sought to confirm in very early rheumatoid arthritis (ERA) a much greater superiority (30%) of first-line etanercept+methotrexate (ETN+MTX) over treat-to-target MTX (MTX-TT) than previously reported in ERA (14%); and explore whether ETN following initial MTX secures a comparable response to first-line ETN+MTX. METHODS:Pragmatic, open-label, randomised controlled trial of treatment-naïve ERA (≤12 months symptom), Disease Activity Score 28 joint (DAS28)-erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) ≥3.2, rheumatoid factor (RF)+/-anticitrullinated peptide antibody (ACPA) positive or ultrasound power Doppler (PD) if RF and ACPA negative. Subjects were randomised 1:1 to ETN+MTX; or MTX-TT, escalated to ETN if week 24 DAS28-ESR ≥2.6 and intramuscular corticosteroid at protocolised time points. Primary endpoint of week 48 DAS28ESR remission with clinical and imaging secondary endpoints. RESULTS:We randomised 120 patients, 60 to each arm (71% female, 73% RF/84% ACPA positive, median (IQR) symptom duration 20.3 (13.1, 30.8) weeks; mean (SD) DAS28 5.1 (1.1)). Remission rates with ETN+MTX and MTX-TT, respectively, were 38% vs 33% at week 24; 52% vs 38% at week 48 (ORs 1.6, 95% CI 0.8 to 3.5, p=0.211). Greater, sustained DAS28-ESR remission observed with ETN+MTX versus MTX-TT (42% and 27%, respectively; p=0.035). PD was fully suppressed by week 48 in over 90% in each arm. Planned exploratory analysis revealed OR 2.84, 95% CI 0.8 to 9.6) of achieving remission after 24 weeks of ETN administered first line compared with administered post-MTX. CONCLUSIONS:Compared with remission rates typically reported with first-line tumour necrosis factor inhabitor+MTX versus MTX-TT, we did not demonstrate a larger effect in very ERA. Neither strategy conferred remission in the majority of patients although ultrasound confirmed local inflammation suppression. Poorer ETN response following failure of MTX-TT is also suggested.Trial registration numberNCT02433184.