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Association between HTLV-1 infection and adverse health outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological studies.

HTLV-1 感染与不良健康结局的相关性: 流行病学研究的系统回顾和荟萃分析。

  • 影响因子:6.53
  • DOI:10.1016/S1473-3099(19)30402-5
  • 作者列表:"Schierhout G","McGregor S","Gessain A","Einsiedel L","Martinello M","Kaldor J
  • 发表时间:2020-01-01

BACKGROUND:Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) is a human retrovirus that causes a lifelong infection. Several diseases, including an aggressive form of leukaemia, have been designated as associated with HTLV-1, whereby having HTLV-1 is a necessary condition for diagnosis. Beyond these diseases, there is uncertainty about other health effects of HTLV-1. We aimed to synthesise evidence from epidemiological studies on associations between health outcomes and HTLV-1. METHODS:For this systematic review and meta-analysis, we searched Embase, MEDLINE, MEDLINE In-Process, and Global Health for publications from their inception to July, 2018. We included cohort, case-control, and controlled cross-sectional studies that compared mortality or morbidity between people with and without HTLV-1. We excluded studies of psychiatric conditions, of symptoms or clinical findings only, of people who had undergone blood transfusion or organ transplant, and of population groups defined by a behavioural characteristic putting them at increased risk of co-infection with another virus. We extracted the risk estimates (relative risks [RRs] or odds ratios [ORs]) that reflected the greatest degree of control for potential confounders. We did a random-effects meta-analysis for groups of effect estimates where case ascertainment methods, age groups, and confounders were similar, presenting pooled estimates with 95% CIs and prediction intervals. FINDINGS:Of the 3318 identified studies, 39 met the inclusion criteria, examining 42 clinical conditions between them. The adjusted risk of death due to any cause was higher in people with HTLV-1 when compared with HTLV-1-negative counterparts (RR 1·57, 95% CI 1·37-1·80). From meta-analysis, HTLV-1 was associated with increased odds of seborrheic dermatitis (OR 3·95, 95% CI 1·99-7·81), Sjogren's syndrome (3·25, 1·85-5·70), and, inversely, with lower relative risk of gastric cancer (RR 0·45, 0·28-0·71). There were a further 14 diseases with significant associations or substantially elevated risk with HTLV-1 from single studies (eczema [children]; bronchiectasis, bronchitis and bronchiolitis [analysed together]; asthma [males]; fibromyalgia; rheumatoid arthritis; arthritis; tuberculosis; kidney and bladder infections; dermatophytosis; community acquired pneumonia; strongyloides hyperinfection syndrome; liver cancer; lymphoma other than adult T-cell leukaemia-lymphoma; and cervical cancer). INTERPRETATION:There is a broad range of diseases studied in association with HTLV-1. However, the elevated risk for death among people with HTLV-1 is not explained by available studies of morbidity. Many of the diseases shown to be associated with HTLV-1 are not fatal, and those that are (eg, leukaemia) occur too rarely to account for the observed mortality effect. There are substantial research gaps in relation to HTLV-1 and cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and metabolic disease. The burden of disease associated with the virus might be broader than generally recognised. FUNDING:Commonwealth Department of Health, Australia.


背景: 人类嗜T细胞病毒 1 型 (HTLV-1) 是一种导致终身感染的人类反转录病毒。一些疾病,包括一种侵袭性白血病,被指定为与HTLV-1 有关,HTLV-1 是诊断的必要条件。除了这些疾病之外,HTLV-1 的其他健康影响还不确定。我们旨在综合来自流行病学研究的健康结果与HTLV-1 之间关联的证据。 方法: 对于本系统综述和荟萃分析,我们检索了Embase、MEDLINE In-Process和Global Health从开始到 2018 年 7 月的出版物。我们纳入了队列、病例对照和对照横断面研究,比较了有和无HTLV-1 人群的死亡率或发病率。我们排除了对接受输血或器官移植的患者的精神状况、症状或临床发现的研究,以及由行为特征定义的人群,使他们与另一种病毒共同感染的风险增加。我们提取了反映潜在混杂因素控制程度最大的风险估计值 (相对风险 [RRs] 或比值比 [ORs])。我们对病例确定方法、年龄组和混杂因素相似的效应估计值组进行了随机效应荟萃分析,给出了 95% 个ci和预测区间的汇总估计值。 结果: 在确定的 3318 项研究中,39 项符合纳入标准,检查了其中 42 项临床情况。与HTLV-1 患者相比,HTLV-1-negative患者因任何原因死亡的校正风险较高 (RR 1 · 57,95% CI 1 · 37-1 · 80)。Meta分析显示,HTLV-1 与脂溢性皮炎 (OR 3 · 95,95% CI 1 · 99-7 · 81) 、干燥综合征 (3 · 25,1 · 85-5 · 70),反之,患胃癌的相对危险度较低 (RR 0 · 45,0 · 28-0 · 71)。还有 14 种疾病与单项研究的HTLV-1 显著相关或风险显著升高 (湿疹 [儿童]; 支气管扩张、支气管炎和细支气管炎 [一起分析]; 哮喘 [男性]; 纤维肌痛; 类风湿性关节炎; 关节炎; 结核; 肾和膀胱感染; 皮肤癣菌病; 社区获得性肺炎; 类圆线虫过度感染综合征;肝癌; 成人T细胞白血病以外的淋巴瘤-淋巴瘤; 和宫颈癌)。 解释: 有广泛的疾病研究与HTLV-1。然而,现有的发病率研究并不能解释HTLV-1 患者的死亡风险升高。许多显示与HTLV-1 相关的疾病不是致命的,而那些 (如白血病) 发生得太少,以至于无法解释观察到的死亡效应。HTLV-1 与心脑血管及代谢性疾病的研究存在较大差距。与病毒相关的疾病负担可能比普遍认识到的更广泛。 资助: 澳大利亚联邦卫生部。



作者列表:["Beltai A","Barnetche T","Daien C","Lukas C","Gaujoux-Viala C","Combe B","Morel J"]

METHODS:OBJECTIVE:Patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the cardiovascular risk of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) remains poorly studied. We aimed to investigate the association between primary SS and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. METHODS:We performed a systematic review of articles in Medline and the Cochrane Library and recent abstracts from US and European meetings, searching for reports of randomized controlled studies of cardiovascular morbidity and cardiovascular mortality in primary SS. The relative risk (RR) values for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality associated with primary SS were collected and pooled in a meta-analysis with a random-effects model by using Review Manager (Cochrane collaboration). RESULTS:The literature search revealed 484 articles and abstracts of interest; 14 studies (67,124 patients with primary SS) were included in the meta-analysis. With primary SS versus control populations, the risk was significantly increased for coronary morbidity (RR 1.34 [95% confidence interval (95% CI) 1.06-1.38]; P = 0.01), cerebrovascular morbidity (RR 1.46 [95% CI 1.43-1.49]; P < 0.00001), heart failure rate (odds ratio 2.54 [95% CI 1.30-4.97]; P < 0.007), and thromboembolic morbidity (RR 1.78 [95% CI 1.41-2.25]; P < 0.00001), with no statistically significant increased risk of cardiovascular mortality (RR 1.48 [95% CI 0.77-2.85]; P = 0.24). CONCLUSION:This meta-analysis demonstrates that primary SS is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity, which suggests that these patients should be screened for cardiovascular comorbidities and considered for preventive interventions, in a multidisciplinary approach with cardiologists.

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作者列表:["Chen SK","Liao KP","Liu J","Kim SC"]

METHODS:OBJECTIVE:We aimed to evaluate the comparative risk of hospitalized infection among patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who initiated abatacept versus a tumor necrosis factor inhibitor (TNFi). METHODS:Using claims data from Truven MarketScan database (2006-2015), we identified patients with RA ages ≥18 years with ≥2 RA diagnoses who initiated treatment with abatacept or a TNFi. The primary outcome was a composite end point of any hospitalized infection. Secondary outcomes included bacterial infection, herpes zoster, and infections affecting different organ systems. We performed 1:1 propensity score (PS) matching between the groups in order to control for baseline confounders. We estimated incidence rates (IRs) and hazard ratios (HRs) with 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs) for hospitalized infection. RESULTS:We identified 11,248 PS-matched pairs of patients who initiated treatment with abatacept and TNFi with a median age of 56 years (83% were women). The IR per 1,000 person-years for any hospitalized infection was 37 among patients who initiated treatment with abatacept and 47 in those who initiated treatment with TNFi. The HR for the risk of any hospitalized infection associated with abatacept versus TNFi was 0.78 (95% CI 0.64-0.95) and remained lower when compared to infliximab (HR 0.63 [95% CI 0.47-0.85]), while no significant difference was seen when compared to adalimumab and etanercept. The risk of secondary outcomes was lower for abatacept for pulmonary infections, and similar to TNFi for the remaining outcomes. CONCLUSION:In this large cohort of patients with RA who initiated treatment with abatacept or TNFi as a first- or second-line biologic agent, we found a lower risk of hospitalized infection after initiating abatacept versus TNFi, which was driven mostly by infliximab.

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作者列表:["Lee RR","Rashid A","Thomson W","Cordingley L"]

METHODS:OBJECTIVE:Reducing pain is one of the main health priorities for children and young people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA); however, some studies indicate that pain is not routinely assessed in this patient group. The aim of this study was to explore health care professionals' (HCPs) beliefs about the role of pain and the prioritization of its assessment in children and young people with JIA. METHODS:Semi-structured interviews were conducted with HCPs who manage children and young people with JIA in the UK (including consultant and trainee pediatric rheumatologists, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists). Data were analyzed qualitatively following a framework analysis approach. RESULTS:Twenty-one HCPs participated. Analyses of the data identified 6 themes, including lack of training and low confidence in pain assessment, reluctance to engage in pain discussions, low prioritization of pain assessment, specific beliefs about the nature of pain in JIA, treatment of pain in JIA, and undervaluing pain reports. Assessment of pain symptoms was regarded as a low priority and some HCPs actively avoided conversations about pain. CONCLUSION:These findings indicate that the assessment of pain in children and young people with JIA may be limited by knowledge, skills, and attitudinal factors. HCPs' accounts of their beliefs about pain in JIA and their low prioritization of pain in clinical practice suggest that a shift in perceptions about pain management may be helpful for professionals managing children and young people with this condition.

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