Impact of a person-centred group intervention on life satisfaction and engagement in activities among persons aging in the context of migration‡.

以人为中心的团体干预对移民背景下老年人生活满意度和活动参与的影响 ‡。

  • 影响因子:1.45
  • DOI:10.1080/11038128.2018.1515245
  • 作者列表:"Arola A","Dahlin-Ivanoff S","Häggblom-Kronlöf G
  • 发表时间:2020-05-01

:Background: There is a growing need to support the health and wellbeing of older persons aging in the context of migration.Objectives: We evaluated whether a group-based health promotion program with person-centred approach, maintained or improved life satisfaction and engagement in activities of older immigrants in Sweden.Methods: A randomised controlled trial with post-intervention follow-ups at 6 months and 1 year was conducted with 131 older independently living persons aged ≥70 years from Finland and the Balkan Peninsula. Participants were randomly allocated to an intervention group (4 weeks of group intervention and a follow-up home visit) and a control group (no intervention). Outcome measures were life satisfaction and engagement in activities. Chi-square and odds ratios were calculated.Results: The odds ratios for maintenance or improvement of life satisfaction (for social contact and psychological health) were higher in the person-centred intervention group. More participants in the intervention group maintained or improved their general participation in activities compared with the control group. However, no significant between-group differences were found.Conclusion: Person-centred interventions can support older person's capability to maintain their health in daily life when aging in migration. Further research is needed with a larger sample and longer intervention period to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.


背景: 在移民的背景下,支持老年人的健康和幸福的需求越来越大。目标: 我们评估了基于团体的健康促进项目是否以人为中心的方法,维持或改善瑞典老年移民的生活满意度和参与活动。方法:对来自芬兰和巴尔干半岛的131名年龄 ≥ 70岁的独立生活的老年人进行了6个月和1年的干预后随访的随机对照试验。参与者被随机分配到干预组 (4周的小组干预和随访家庭访视) 和对照组 (无干预)。观察指标为生活满意度和活动参与度。计算卡方和优势比。结果: 以人为中心的干预组维持或改善生活满意度 (社会接触和心理健康) 的优势比较高。与对照组相比,干预组中更多的参与者维持或改善了他们对活动的一般参与。然而,没有发现显著的组间差异。结论: 以人为中心的干预措施可以支持老年人在迁移衰老时保持日常生活健康的能力。需要进一步研究更大的样本和更长的干预期,以确定干预的有效性。



作者列表:["Blanke ES","Brose A","Kalokerinos EK","Erbas Y","Riediger M","Kuppens P"]

METHODS::Emotion regulation (ER) strategies are often categorized as universally adaptive or maladaptive. However, it has recently been proposed that this view is overly simplistic: instead, adaptive ER involves applying strategies variably to meet contextual demands. Using data from four experience-sampling studies (Ns = 70, 95, 200, and 179), we tested the relationship between ER variability and negative affect (NA) in everyday life. The constantly changing demands of daily life provide a more ecologically valid context in which to test the role of variability. We calculated 2 global indicators of variability: within-strategy variability (of particular strategies across time) and between-strategy variability (across strategies at one time-point). Associations between within-strategy variability and NA were inconsistent. In contrast, when controlling for mean strategy endorsement, between-strategy variability was associated with reduced NA across both individuals and measurement occasions. This is the first evidence that variably choosing between different strategies within a situation may be adaptive in daily life. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2020 APA, all rights reserved).

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作者列表:["Bailie HN","Liu X","Bruynseels A","Denniston AK","Shah P","Sii F"]

METHODS::Purpose: Patient self-care tools can improve patient outcomes in chronic disease. In uveitis, there is an unmet need for the innovative Uveitis Patient Passport (UPP). This study aims to evaluate the success of the passport's introduction into a tertiary uveitis service through patient experience.Methods: The UPP, created in consultation with patients and the multidisciplinary team, was evaluated using a patient questionnaire and mixed quantitative and qualitative methodology.Results: Key themes emerged, with the passport used by participants as a self-care resource and an aid for cross-specialty communication. Patient involvement in evaluation identified key areas for passport development in line with patient needs. These included improving clinician engagement and future transference into a smartphone application.Conclusion: The introduction of the first UPP was a success, especially as a self-care tool for supporting patients in managing their uveitis with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

作者列表:["Fastame MC","Penna MP","Hitchcott PK"]

METHODS::A body of research documented that the study of mental health of the oldest individuals may contribute to understand the psychological characteristics of longevity. This study had two related aims. First, to fully characterize the psychological health of Sardinian elders in the very late adult span. Second, to determine the psychological health of long-lived individuals (i.e., centenarians) from this population. Three gender-matched age groups (octogenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian) of cognitively healthy, community dwelling adults were recruited in Sardinia, an Italian island characterized by higher levels of longevity. Comparisons of total and sub-scale levels of psychological well-being and depressive symptomatology were made while controlling for social desirability. There were few differences in any index of psychological health between the groups; only a decrease in the coping strategies sub-scale of psychological well-being was observed between the centenarians and the octogenarians. Social desirability was differentially associated with specific dimensions of depressive symptoms and psychological well-being. These findings highlight that there is minimal age-related decline in the psychological health of a longevous population, even among its very oldest members. The present outcomes suggest that older Sardinians represent an advantageous population for the investigation of the psychological markers of longevity, since they demonstrate positive adaptation to the challenges (e.g., changes related to their social network) of very late adulthood.

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