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Sun protection education for adolescents: a feasibility study of a wait-list controlled trial of an intervention involving a presentation, action planning, and SMS messages and using objective measurement of sun exposure.

青少年防晒教育: 一项干预的等待列表对照试验的可行性研究,涉及介绍、行动计划和SMS消息,并使用客观测量阳光暴露。

  • 影响因子:2.94
  • DOI:10.1186/s12889-020-8265-0
  • 作者列表:"Hubbard G","Cherrie J","Gray J","Kyle RG","Nioi A","Wendelboe-Nelson C","Cowie H","Dombrowski S
  • 发表时间:2020-01-30

BACKGROUND:People increase their risk of melanoma unless they are protected from the harmful effects of sun exposure during childhood and adolescence. We aimed to assess the feasibility of a three-component sun protection intervention- presentation, action planning, and SMS messages - and trial parameters. METHODS:This feasibility wait-list trial was conducted in the United Kingdom in 2018. Students aged 13-15 years were eligible. Feasibility outcomes were collected for recruitment rates; data availability rates for objective measurements of melanin and erythema using a Mexameter and self-reported sunburn occurrences, severity and body location, tanning, sun protection behaviours and Skin Self-Examination (SSE) collected before (baseline) and after the school summer holidays (follow-up); intervention reach, adherence, perceived impact and acceptability. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics; qualitative data were analysed thematically. RESULTS:Five out of eight schools expressing an interest in participating with four allocated to act as intervention and one control. Four parents/carers opted their child out of the study. Four hundred and eighty-seven out of 724 students on the school register consented to the study at baseline (67%). Three hundred and eighty-five were in intervention group schools. Objective skin measurements were available for 255 (66%) of the intervention group at baseline and 237 (61%) of the group at follow up. Melanin increased; erythema decreased. Complete self-report data were available for 247 (64%) students in the intervention group. The number of students on the school register who attended the presentation and given the booklet was 379 (98%) and gave their mobile phone number was 155 (40%). No intervention component was perceived as more impactful on sun protection behaviours. Adolescents did not see the relevance of sun protection in the UK or for their age group. CONCLUSIONS:This is the first study to use a Mexameter to measure skin colour in adolescents. Erythema (visible redness) lasts no more than three days and its measurement before and after a six week summer holiday may not yield relevant or meaningful data. A major challenge is that adolescents do not see the relevance of sun protection and SSE. TRIAL REGISTRATION:International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number ISRCTN11141528. Date registered 0/2/03/2018; last edited 31/05/2018. Retrospectively registered.


背景: 人们增加了他们患黑色素瘤的风险,除非他们在儿童和青少年时期免受阳光照射的有害影响。我们旨在评估三分量防晒干预-演示、行动计划和SMS消息-和试验参数的可行性。 方法: 这项可行性等待名单试验于 2018 年在英国进行。13-15 岁的学生有资格。收集招募率的可行性结果; 使用计客观测量黑色素和红斑的数据可用性率以及自我报告的晒伤发生情况、严重程度和身体位置、晒黑、学校暑假前 (基线) 和假期后 (随访) 收集的防晒行为和皮肤自检 (SSE); 干预达到,依从性、感知影响和可接受性。定量数据采用描述性统计分析; 定性数据进行主题分析。 结果: 八所学校中有五所表示有兴趣参与,四所分配作为干预,一所作为对照。四名父母/照顾者选择他们的孩子退出研究。学校登记册上的 724 名学生中有 67% 名在基线时同意了这项研究 ()。三百八十五人在干预组学校。干预组基线时 255 (66%) 和随访时 237 (61%) 可获得客观皮肤测量。黑色素增多; 红斑减少。干预组 247 名 (64%) 学生有完整的自我报告数据。学校登记簿上参加演示并给出小册子的学生人数为 379 (98%),给出他们的手机号码为 155 (40%)。没有干预成分被认为对防晒行为更有影响。青少年在英国或他们的年龄组中没有看到防晒的相关性。 结论: 这是第一个使用测色仪测量青少年皮肤颜色的研究。红斑 (可见发红) 持续时间不超过三天,其在六周暑假前后的测量可能不会产生相关或有意义的数据。一个主要的挑战是青少年看不到防晒和SSE的相关性。 试验注册: 国际标准随机对照试验编号isrctn11141528。注册日期 0/2/03/2018; 上次编辑 31/05/2018。回顾性注册。



作者列表:["Zhang B","Li L","Zhang N","Zhao M","Liu Y","Wei L","Ma L","Xu Z"]

METHODS::Blue rubber bleb naevus syndrome (BRBNS) is an extremely rare venous malformation that often manifests as multiple haemangioma-like lesions in the skin and gastrointestinal tract. The drug sirolimus plays a key role in the signalling pathway of angiogenesis and subsequent development of BRBNS and its use has been described in several case reports. We present a case series of four patients with BRBNS who exhibited good treatment response to sirolimus. All four patients were administered oral sirolimus at doses of 1.0-1.5 mg/m2 /day with a target drug level of 5-10 ng/mL and median treatment duration of 20 months. All patients had a reduction in the size of the lesions and a normalization of coagulopathy with tolerable drug adverse reactions at follow-up. Sirolimus may be effective and safe in paediatric patients with BRBNS. Further prospective studies are suggested to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of this drug.

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作者列表:["Pham CT","Juhasz M","Sung CT","Mesinkovska NA"]

METHODS:BACKGROUND:Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections are associated with common dermatologic and nondermatologic diseases. Although HPV vaccines are well established as preventive measures for genital warts and cervical neoplasia, their use as therapeutic agents deserves greater attention. OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the use of HPV vaccine(s) as a treatment modality for cutaneous and/or mucosal disease. METHODS:A primary literature search using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines was conducted in January 2019 by using the PubMed and Cochrane databases. RESULTS:A total of 63 articles with 4439 patients were included. The majority of patients with cutaneous warts, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, and squamous and basal cell carcinomas were successfully treated with HPV vaccination. Preliminary data on patients with pre-existing anogenital warts, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, anal intraepithelial neoplasia, and vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia is promising. LIMITATIONS:This review was limited by the lack of controls, patients' previous HPV vaccination status, and publication bias. CONCLUSION:The commercially available three-dose, quadrivalent HPV vaccine is a potential therapeutic option for the treatment of cutaneous warts, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, and squamous and basal cell carcinomas. Noncommercially available HPV vaccines demonstrate therapeutic response for treating anogenital warts, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, anal intraepithelial neoplasia, and vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia. The vaccine's efficacy as an adjunct therapy for HPV-associated cutaneous and/or mucosal disease warrants further exploration.

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作者列表:["Lang UE","Love NR","Cheung C","McCalmont TH","Kim J"]

METHODS::Our understanding of melanoma precursors and progression to melanoma has developed as a result of advances in the field of molecular diagnostics. We now better understand the potential for genetic heterogeneity within a single lesion. Combined tumors can pose a diagnostic challenge when deciding the line between benign and malignant, which in turn has direct implications for patient management. Primary cilia (PC) are ubiquitous sensory organelles that have essential functions in cellular proliferation, differentiation, and development. The ciliation index (percentage of ciliated melanocytes) has been shown to reliably differentiate melanoma, which fail to ciliate, from melanocytic nevi, which retain PC. We therefore analyzed the potential for using the ciliation index to differentiate benign and malignant components in combined melanocytic lesions. We collected patient samples (n = 10) of unequivocal combined lesions with both melanoma and associated nevus components. Melanocytes were highlighted with SOX10 and costained with gamma-Tubulin and acetylated alpha-Tubulin to highlight the basal body and cilium, respectively. The number of melanocytes retaining cilia under high-power microscopy was examined. The melanoma component had average of 4% ciliation (SD: 7%), whereas the associated nevus component was significantly higher with 59% ciliation (SD: 17%). These data show that PC may be a reliable means of distinguishing benign from malignant components within a single tumor. The ciliation index may be a helpful tool in distinguishing challenging cases of combined lesions of melanoma in situ with a dermal nevus component from invasive melanoma, thus promoting improved staging and clinical management.

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