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National Psoriasis Foundation COVID-19 Task Force guidance for management of psoriatic disease during the pandemic: Version 2-Advances in psoriatic disease management, COVID-19 vaccines, and COVID-19 treatments.

国家银屑病基金会新型冠状病毒肺炎流行病期间银屑病疾病管理工作组指南: 第2版-银屑病疾病管理进展、新型冠状病毒肺炎疫苗和新型冠状病毒肺炎治疗。

  • 影响因子:2.93
  • DOI:10.1016/j.jaad.2020.12.058
  • 作者列表:"Gelfand JM","Armstrong AW","Bell S","Anesi GL","Blauvelt A","Calabrese C","Dommasch ED","Feldman SR","Gladman D","Kircik L","Lebwohl M","Lo Re V 3rd","Martin G","Merola JF","Scher JU","Schwartzman S","Treat JR","Van Voorhees AS","Ellebrecht CT","Fenner J","Ocon A","Syed MN","Weinstein EJ","Gondo G","Heydon S","Koons S","Ritchlin CT
  • 发表时间:2021-05-01

OBJECTIVE:To update guidance regarding the management of psoriatic disease during the COVID-19 pandemic. STUDY DESIGN:The task force (TF) includes 18 physician voting members with expertise in dermatology, rheumatology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, and critical care. The TF was supplemented by nonvoting members, which included fellows and National Psoriasis Foundation staff. Clinical questions relevant to the psoriatic disease community were informed by inquiries received by the National Psoriasis Foundation. A Delphi process was conducted. RESULTS:The TF updated evidence for the original 22 statements and added 5 new recommendations. The average of the votes was within the category of agreement for all statements, 13 with high consensus and 14 with moderate consensus. LIMITATIONS:The evidence behind many guidance statements is variable in quality and/or quantity. CONCLUSIONS:These statements provide guidance for the treatment of patients with psoriatic disease on topics including how the disease and its treatments affect COVID-19 risk, how medical care can be optimized during the pandemic, what patients should do to lower their risk of getting infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (including novel vaccination), and what they should do if they develop COVID-19. The guidance is a living document that is continuously updated by the TF as data emerge.


目的: 更新新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行期间银屑病的管理指南。 研究设计: 工作组 (TF) 包括18名具有皮肤病学、风湿病学、流行病学学、传染病和重症监护专业知识的医师投票成员。TF由无投票权的成员补充,其中包括研究员和国家银屑病基金会工作人员。通过国家银屑病基金会收到的询问通知与银屑病社区相关的临床问题。进行了德尔菲法。 结果: TF更新了原始22项陈述的证据,并增加了5项新的建议。所有发言的平均票数都在一致类别之内,13票高度一致,14票中等一致。 局限性: 许多指导陈述背后的证据在质量和/或数量上是可变的。 结论: 这些陈述为银屑病患者的治疗提供了指导,包括疾病及其治疗如何影响新型冠状病毒肺炎风险,如何在大流行期间优化医疗护理,患者应该做些什么来降低感染新型冠状病毒的风险 (包括新型疫苗接种),如果他们发展新型冠状病毒肺炎,他们应该做什么。指南是一个活的文档,当数据出现时,TF会不断更新。



作者列表:["Juan-Carlos PM","Perla-Lidia PP","Stephanie-Talia MM","Mónica-Griselda AM","Luz-María TE"]

METHODS::The ATP binding-cassette superfamily corresponds the mostly transmembrane transporters family found in humans. These proteins actively transport endogenous and exogenous substrates through biological membranes in body tissues, so they have an important role in the regulation of many physiological functions necessary for human homeostasis, as well as in response regulation to several pharmacological substrates. The development of multidrug resistance has become one of the main troubles in conventional chemotherapy in different illnesses including cancer, being the increased efflux of antineoplastic drugs the main reason for this multidrug resistance, with a key role of the ABC superfamily. Likely, the interindividual variability in the pharmacological response among patients is well known, and may be due to intrinsically factors of the disease, genetic and environmental ones. Thus, the understanding of this variability, especially the genetic variability associated with the efficacy and toxicity of drugs, can provide a safer and more effective pharmacological treatment, so ABC genes are considered as important regulators due to their relationship with the reduction in pharmacological response. In this review, updated information about transporters belonging to this superfamily was collected, the possible role of these transporters in cancer, the role of genetic variability in their genes, as well as some therapeutic tools that have been tried to raise against main transporters associated with chemoresistance in cancer.

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作者列表:["Sawada H","Oeda T","Kohsaka M","Tomita S","Umemura A","Park K","Yamamoto K","Kiyohara K"]

METHODS:BACKGROUND:Cholinergic neurotransmission regulates neuroinflammation in Parkinson disease (PD). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:The authors conducted a delayed-start study of donepezil for cognitive decline in non-demented PD patients. The study consisted of a 96-week randomized placebo-controlled double-blind phase 1, followed by a 24-week donepezil extension phase 2. The primary outcome measure was a change in the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) at week 120. RESULTS:A total of 98 patients were randomly allocated to the early-start (donepezil-to-donepezil) and delayed-start (placebo-to-donepezil) groups. Mean (SD) of the baseline MMSE was 27.6 (2.0) and 28.0 (2.1), respectively. MMSE change at week 120 was better in the early-start group than in the delayed-start group, but the difference was not significant. The MMSE declined in apolipoprotein ε4 carriers, but not in non-carriers, and the factor interaction (intervention × ε4 genotype) was highly significant (P < 0.001). Analyzed with the interaction, the difference was significant (group difference 1.95 [0.33 to 3.57], P = 0.018). The MMSE decline slope in phase 1 was significantly better in the early-start group than in the delayed-start group (P = 0.048). CONCLUSIONS:Cognitive function deteriorated in ε4 carriers, but not in non-carriers, and early-start donepezil may postpone cognitive decline in the former.

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作者列表:["Louvrier A","Terranova L","Meyer C","Meyer F","Euvrard E","Kroemer M","Rolin G"]

METHODS::Since the discovery of dental pulp stem cells, a lot of teams have expressed an interest in dental pulp regeneration. Many approaches, experimental models and biological explorations have been developed, each including the use of stem cells and scaffolds with the final goal being clinical application in humans. In this review, the authors' objective was to compare the experimental models and strategies used for the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering of dental pulp with stem cells. Electronic queries were conducted on PubMed using the following terms: pulp regeneration, scaffold, stem cells, tissue engineering and biomaterial. The extracted data included the following information: the strategy envisaged, the type of stem cells, the experimental models, the exploration or analysis methods, the cytotoxicity or viability or proliferation cellular tests, the tests of scaffold antibacterial properties and take into account the vascularization of the regenerated dental pulp. From the 71 selected articles, 59% focused on the "cell-transplantation" strategy, 82% used in vitro experimentation, 58% in vivo animal models and only one described an in vivo in situ human clinical study. 87% used dental pulp stem cells. A majority of the studies reported histology (75%) and immunohistochemistry explorations (66%). 73% mentioned the use of cytotoxicity, proliferation or viability tests. 48% took vascularization into account but only 6% studied the antibacterial properties of the scaffolds. This article gives an overview of the methods used to regenerate dental pulp from stem cells and should help researchers create the best development strategies for research in this field.

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