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The relative survival and cure fraction of gastric cancer estimated through flexible parametric models using data from population-based cancer registration during 2003-2012 in Linzhou, China.

中国林州市 2003-2012 年期间使用基于人群的癌症登记数据,通过灵活的参数模型估计的胃癌相对生存和治愈分数。

  • 影响因子:3.3570
  • DOI:10.1002/cam4.2831
  • 作者列表:"Chen Q","Liu SZ","Zhang SK","Cao XQ","Li BY","Quan PL","Guo LW","Dong L","Sun XB","Zhang Y","Zhang JG
  • 发表时间:2020-01-28

PURPOSE:The proportion of cured gastric cancer patients has drawn the attention of patients, physicians, and healthcare providers after comprehensive prevention and control measures were carried out for several years. Therefore, the relative survival and cure fraction were estimated in our study. METHODS:Population-based cancer registration data were used to estimate survival and cure fraction. A total of 7585 gastric cancer cases (ICD10:C16.0 ~ C16.9) were extracted and included in the final analysis. Cases were diagnosed in 2003-2012 and followed until the end of 2017. Relative survival was calculated as the ratio between the observed survival through the life-table method. The expected survival was estimated by the Ederer II method. The cure fraction was estimated using flexible parametric cure models stratified by age and calendar period when the cases were diagnosed. RESULTS:The 5-year relative survival of cardia gastric cancer increased with the calendar period of 2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2009-2010, and 2011-2012 (27.5%, 28.3%, 33.5%, 38.2%, and 46.8%, respectively). The increasing trend along with the calendar periods was also observed in cure proportion of cardia gastric cancer (24.8%, 25.2%, 31.7%, 36.0%, and 43.1%, respectively). Notable improvement of cure proportion was observed in the period of 2011-2012, compared with the initial period of 2003-2004. There was an improvement of 79.8% among all gastric cancer subjects, and it was 74.1% and 55.7% in cardia gastric and noncardia gastric cancer subjects, respectively. The median survival of "uncured" patients showed no significant improvement along with the calendar periods in all age groups. CONCLUSIONS:Notable improvement of gastric cancer relative survival and cure proportion was observed in Linzhou during 2003-2012.


目的: 经过几年的综合防治措施,胃癌治愈患者的比例已经引起了患者、医生和医护人员的关注。因此,在我们的研究中估计了相对生存率和治愈分数。 方法: 基于人群的癌症登记数据被用来估计生存和治愈分数。共提取 7585 例胃癌病例 (ICD10: C16.0 ~ C16.9),纳入最终分析。病例确诊 2003-2012,随访至 2017年底。通过寿命表法计算相对存活率为观察存活率之间的比率。通过 Ederer II 方法估计预期生存率。使用灵活的参数治愈模型估计治愈分数,按病例诊断时的年龄和日历周期分层。 结果: 贲门胃癌 5 年相对生存率随日历周期 2003-2004 、 2005-2006 、 2007-2008 、 2009-2010 、和 2011-2012 (分别为 27.5% 、 28.3% 、 33.5% 、 38.2% 和 46.8%)。随着日历周期的增加,贲门胃癌的治愈比例也呈上升趋势 (分别为 24.8% 、 25.2% 、 31.7% 、 36.0% 和 43.1%)。与初始时期 2011-2012 相比,在 2003-2004 期间观察到治愈比例的显著改善。所有胃癌受试者的改善为 79.8%,贲门胃癌和非贲门胃癌受试者的改善分别为 74.1% 和 55.7%。“未治愈” 患者的中位生存期与所有年龄组的日历周期没有显著改善。 结论: 林州市 2003 ~ 2012 年胃癌相对生存率和治愈比例明显提高。



作者列表:["Xie W","Chen C","Han Z","Huang J","Liu X","Chen H","Zhang T","Chen S","Chen C","Lu M","Shen X","Xue X"]

METHODS::Diffuse gastric cancer (DGC) is a lethal malignancy lacking effective systemic therapy. Among the most provocative recent results in DGC has been that the alter of the cellular cytoskeleton and intercellular adhesion. CD2-associated protein (CD2AP) is one of the critical proteins regulating cytoskeleton assembly and intercellular adhesion. However, no study has investigated the expression and biological significance of CD2AP in gastric cancer (GC) to date. Therefore, the aim of our study was to explore if the expression of CD2AP is associated with any clinical features of GC and to elucidate the underlying mechanism. Immunohistochemistry of 620 patient tissue samples indicated that the expression of CD2AP is downregulated in DGC. Moreover, a low CD2AP level was indicative of poor patient prognosis. In vitro, forced expression of CD2AP caused a significant decrease in the migration and invasion of GC cells, whereas depletion of CD2AP had the opposite effect. Immunofluorescence analysis indicated that CD2AP promoted cellular adhesion and influenced cell cytoskeleton assembly via interaction with the F-actin capping protein CAPZA1. Overall, the upregulation of CD2AP could attenuate GC metastasis, suggesting CD2AP as a novel biomarker for the prognosis and treatment of patients with GC.

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作者列表:["Jing JJ","Li H","Wang ZY","Zhou H","Sun LP","Yuan Y"]

METHODS::Aim: To identify the methylated-differentially expressed genes (MDEGs) that may serve as diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets in Epstein-Barr virus-associated gastric cancer (EBVaGC) and to explore the methylation-based pathways for elucidating biological mechanisms of EBVaGC. Materials & methods: Gene expression and methylation profiles were downloaded from GEO database. MDEGs were identified by GEO2R. Pathway enrichment analyses were conducted based on DAVID database. Hub genes were identified by Cytoscape, which were further verified by The Cancer Genome Atlas database. Results: A total of 367 hypermethylated, lowly expressed genes were enriched in specific patterns of cell differentiation. 31 hypomethylated, highly expressed genes demonstrated enrichment in regulation of immune system process. After validation using The Cancer Genome Atlas database, seven genes were confirmed to be significantly different hub genes in EBVaGC. Conclusion: EBVaGC-specific MDEGs and pathways can be served as potential biomarkers for precise diagnosis and treatment of EBVaGC and provide novel insights into the mechanisms involved.

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作者列表:["Daryabari SS","Fathi M","Mahdavi M","Moaddab Y","Hosseinpour Feizi MA","Shokoohi B","Safaralizadeh R"]

METHODS:Gastric adenocarcinoma, like other cancers, is a multifactorial genetic disease, andmetastasis of cancer cells is one of the main features of this illness. The expressionlevels of the CFL1 gene have been modulated in this pathway. Using small interferingRNA (siRNA) in the treatment of gastric cancer is considered a hopeful genetherapeutic approach. The present study reported the level of CFL1 genes betweentumor and margin and healthy tissue of gastric cancer. Also, the features of a cationicnanoparticle with a polymer coating containing polyacrylic acid and polyethylenei-mine that were used in the delivery of CFL1 siRNA, were shown. Then thecytotoxicity, cellular uptake, and gene silencing efficiency of this nanoparticle wereevaluated with CFL1siRNA. Method:In this study, the CFL1 gene expression was measured in 40 gastricadenocarcinoma, marginal and 15 healthy biopsy samples by a real‐time polymerasechain reaction. Physicochemical characteristics, apoptosis, and inhibition of migrationof the delivery of CFL1 siRNA by nanoparticle and lipofectamine were investigated ingastric cancer cells. Result:The CFL1 expression was remarkably increased in gastric cancer tissues incomparison with the marginal samples and normal tissues (p< .05) and the biomarkerindex for CFL1 was obtained as 0.94, then this gene can be probably used as abiomarker for gastric cancer. After treatment of the AGS cell line by CFL1 siRNA, theCFL1 expression level of mRNA and migration in AGS cells were remarkablysuppressed after transfection. Furthermore, the amount of apoptosis increased(p< .05). Conclusion:Our results demonstrated that CFL1 downregulation in AGS cells caninterdict cell migration. Finally, our outcomes propose that CFL1 can function as anoncogenic gene in gastric cancer and would be considered as a potential purpose ofgene therapy for gastric cancer treatment

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